Been about a month since I last blogged, life got in the way… Two weddings and a family reunion, careers are likely moving my husband & I out of state, blah blah.  But am still full force on pelvic floor recovery!

I re-uppped my 30 day squat challenge for the month of October so I’m on my second #day8 and need to get back to blog accountability for stretching / workouts since traveling halfway across the country cut a bit into my routine

I just left my friendly sports medicine doctor’s office with a steroid shot for my SI joint and a spring in my step. My pain is at a 0-1 level after leaving her office. I strongly recommend Dr. Rho.  Her team is extremely meticulous. Very glad that she’s one of the people in my neighborhood!

The only downer of the after-care is that I have to stay out of the pool for 48 hours so no swimming or aqua jogging until Friday